lifestyle shoot guide

Choosing a location


We'll work with you to find the best possible location for your Shot @: Photography Lifestyle shoot. New and fun places are great, but locations should also show off aspects of your personalities. Locations with a strong mix of environments are ideal, and lead towards a more diverse set of images. Beaches, parks, and woodland areas are perfect, locations with lots of objects are ideal too, old doors, and crubling stone building photograph very well! Let us know what’s on your mind, if you have something specific in mind just let us know, otherwise we're more than willing to suggest a few locations of our own choosing.




The clothes you wear for your lifestyle shoot are important and can have a huge impact on your final photographs. How we like to explain what we'd suggest to wear is to imagine your going for a family walk, and then going for a nice meal afterwards.  You want to look smart, but by no mean dressed up!


Your clothes should relect each of your personalities, accessories are great, and bold colours and textures are perfect. With our lifestyle shoots matching outfits are a big no no, although it is good if your outfits compliment each other subtly.


Be prepared that you might get a bit dirty, we won't be throwing around mud or forcing you to lay in muck (unless that's your thing!), but we may ask you to sit on rocks and other damp surfaces, so please don't wear anything you won't be able to wash afterwards.


Working with children


Children sessions should be fun! They work best if we take the lead with the kids, but we’ll certainly ask if we need your help. It’s nice if we take a few minutes to warm-up to each other, so we enjoy working at their level, or one-on-one.


This session should be about the child(ren), so let’s highlight her/his personality with some favorite personal items. A doll, colorful toy/stuffed animal, or hat/boots, whatever she/he's attached to at the time. Even a bottle of bubbles, a ball, hoola-hoop, or an umbrella are some fun ideas.


Please make sure your child has had plenty of sleep the night before and has eaten prior to the session, a well-rested and fed child will last a lot longer!


Hair, make-up & nails


Please keep hair and make-up natural and simple, and remember to clean and trim everyone’s fingernails and toenails. Oh, and don’t be surprised (or offended) if I ask your child to remove her bows or ponytails.






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