newborn photography guide

Below are a few suggestions for ensuring a warm, sleepy and happy baby during your session with us:



*Undress your baby down to a loose fitting nappy (to avoid lines) and wrap him in a lightweight blanket. If you’d rather not do nude photos of your baby, put out a variety of outfits you’d like to use and we'll decide together. To maintain a happy baby, it’s best to limit clothing changes to once or twice.


*Feed your baby until they are good and full. You’ll probably have to stop for a feeding or two during our session, so please don’t worry about a specific schedule. We never rush a Newborn Session and are happy to wait for you to breastfeed or take breaks until your baby is calmed.


*It is not unusual for my blankets/fabrics (and yes even me!) to be soiled on; it’s okay and happens all of the time, so please don't feel embarressed or stressed should it happen. We often play music or other white noise (comfortable volume) which helps to drown out the camera’s clicking sound, and keep your baby as relaxed as possible


*We do have a range of our own props, blankets and hats, but please let us know if you have any suggestions for specific props to use during your session. Maybe a special blanket or item of clothing? Just bring it along and let us know, and we'll see what we can do.


*A lot of our photographs require your baby to lay on their front, and it greatly helps if you can spend a little time in the run up to your session letting your baby get accustomed to this position so it isn't a fresh experience on the day of the shoot.




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